The 10 Commandments Shows


In Their Dreams

by Pauline Rocco

For the past ten days, and every couple of years in the US, there were and are demonstrations in the streets of Alabama. Some of the protesters were enraged, shaking their fists in the air. Some were lying prostrate, weeping and gnashing their teeth. All are vowing political revenge. What is causing this tempestuous display? Is it because American soldiers are being killed in Iraq? Or maybe it's because ten of thousands of Americans have lost their jobs. Perhaps they are frothing at the mouth because they lost their pensions in a corporate scam! Not exactly. Their wrath was triggered because a granite block with the chiseled Ten Commandments was removed from the rotunda of the Alabama Supreme Court building.

While there was never more than a hundred people involved, the demonstrations were given extensive media coverage. Many discussions and debates took place, but the way the cable news networks orchestrated the debates was disturbing. The non-dogmatic viewpoint was lamely represented by the usual suspects: the atheists. Repeatedly, the statement that "our laws are based on the ten commandments..." went unchallenged. Worse yet, that erroneous statement was sometimes acknowledged with a, "Yes, but...." response. The atheists failed to mention that the words "Judeo-Christian, Jesus, Bible. Christ" do not appear in any of our founding documents. The Judeo-Christian propagandists have even tried to co-opt Jefferson's reference to "Nature and Nature's God." That phrase is an indication of Jefferson's Deism.

Nota bene, he made no mention of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob---the god worshiped by the Judeo-Christians!!

The news managers never included a historian in the discussion of the history of American law. That would have been too logical, too educational, and downright interesting, too! For a brief summation of the history of Western law, consider what John Lord, LL.D. explains in his book THE OLD ROMAN WORLD, regarding the contributions of ancient Romans:

"Jurisprudence is generally considered to be their indigenous science. It is for this they were most distinguished, and by this they have given the greatest impulse to civilization. Their laws were most admirably adapted for the government of mankind, but they had a still higher merit; they were framed, to a considerable degree, upon the principles of equity or natural justice, and hence are adapted for all ages and nations, and have formed the basis of many modern codes. Hence it is by their laws that the Romans have had the greatest influence on modern times, and these constitute a wonderful monument of human genius.

If the Romans had bequeathed nothing but laws to posterity, they would not have lived in vain. These have more powerfully affected the interests of civilization than the arts of Greece. They are as permanent in their effects as a thing can be in this world--more so that palaces and marbles."

Our Founding Fathers knew this history. When Hamilton, Madison, and John Jay penned the Federalist Papers they considered it too dangerous to use their real names. Instead they used the pseudonym, "Publius." Publius Valerius Publicola was one of the founders and heroes of the Roman Republic.

After George Washington won his revolutionary victory he refused the offer of kingly powers and returned to his farm. At once, throughout America and Europe, Washington was compared with Cincinnatus the Roman general who won a decisive victory for Rome and refusing kingly powers he returned to his farm.

Soon after the American Revolution ended veteran American and French officers formed the first American military society and named it the Society of the Cincinnati. George Washington was the society's first president and held that office until his death. The society remains active to this day.

The Founders were very well-educated. They were leaders of the American Enlightenment, the counterpart of the European Enlightenment. Most were Deists, they thought that God's laws were revealed through the laws of Nature. All agreed that the classical Greco-Roman period showed the way to human potential as opposed to the Judeo-Christian Dark Ages, shrouded in dogma, bigotry and superstition.

Knowledge of history is very empowering! But the media masters don't want knowledgeable, empowered people. They want compliant robots that they can orient toward the Judeo-Christian agenda.

A startling story broke in the European press last week, but has been stifled here in America. It seems that MLK isn't the only one who had a dream....The British newspaper, the Guardian, reports that a "former CIA official said: 'It has long been the dream of a powerful section of the people now driving the administration (of President George W. Bush) and the war in Iraq to safeguard Israel's energy supply as well as that of the United States." And how will we 'safeguard' Israel's energy supply? By building "a pipeline to siphon oil from newly conquered Iraq to Israel" through Jordan!!! And they said it wasn't about oil and Israel!!

How much longer will we continue to sleepwalk our way through this Judeo-Christian dreamland? Let's restore the American Dream!!

Remember the words of French Ambassador Daniel Bernard who warned, "Why should we all be in danger of World War Three because of these people??!!" Now IS the time for all good citizens to come to the aid of their country!!!



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