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Please Join US

In supporting Katie Wingate
(Widow of Tim Wingate)
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Tim Wingate, a beacon of inspiration within our Deist community, dedicated over a decade of his life to illuminating the principles of Deism through his thought-provoking podcast interviews. His unwavering commitment to spreading the light of reason not only enriched our collective understanding but also helped bolster our community’s spirit through both his intellectual contributions and generous financial support.

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of Tim’s passing on February 3, 2024, after a valiant battle with cancer, at only 70 years of age. Today, we find an opportunity to embody the very principles Tim championed and extend our support to his widow, Katie Wingate, who currently faces financial trials.


In these moments, the strength of our community is our most powerful asset. We call upon our fellow Deists, readers, and every compassionate soul associated with our cause to rally in support of Katie. Your generosity can ease the burdens of a valued member of our community during this challenging time.


We invite you to make a donation for Katie Wingate. Let us unite in this act of kindness to honor Tim’s memory and demonstrate the enduring power of our community's solidarity. Thank you for considering this heartfelt appeal to make a tangible difference in the life of someone who, alongside Tim, has contributed so much to our shared journey towards enlightenment.

Donate to help Katie Wingate
Together, let us continue to build a testament to the power of reason, compassion, and community support.

Thank you so much for helping Katie. 

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