Powerful Hard to Find and Thought Provoking Essays by Thomas Paine


All of the following essays and letters are found in LIFE AND WRITINGS OF THOMAS PAINE, edited by Daniel Edwin Wheeler, 1908, Vincent Parke & Co., New York. If you take the time to read these thought provoking, enlightening and entertaining writings, you will find yourself with a much deeper understanding of God, Deism, and religion. They are well worth the read! Feel free to print any of these essays and letters to spread the word. Also, all of these important essays are in Paine's book, The Age of Reason, The Complete Edition (for Kindle version click here).

To further deepen your understanding and appreciation of Thomas Paine visit Ian Ruskin's site The Life of Thomas Paine. Ian is a gifted actor with a profound desire to make the world a better place by educating people about their reason and rights. One important and inspiring way in which he does this is by portraying Thomas Paine in an enlightening and thought provoking one man play To Begin the World Over Again: the Life of Thomas Paine. Click here to view video clips from the play on YouTube.

There is more great news regarding Deism, Thomas Paine and Ethan Allen - there is now a new documentary out which covers all three! American Freethought, a film by Roderick Bradford, is a four hour documentary which, unlike most documentaries, actually covers Deism and its importance in the lives of Thomas Paine and Ethan Allen. Click here for the documentary page.


book    Of The Religion of Deism Compared With the Christian Religion
            Dutch Translation: De Religie van het Deisme vergeleken met die van het Christendom


book    Biblical Blasphemy
            Dutch Translation: Bijbelse Godslastering


book    Old Testament Prophecies of Jesus Proven False - I


book    Old Testament Prophecies of Jesus Proven False - II


book   Thomas Paine Exposes a Bishop to Deistic Bible Study! 


book   Thomas Paine Makes Clear the Difference Between Deists and Christians is Reality!


book   Thomas Paine's Speech on Deism and Atheism to the Theophilanthropists


book    The Tower of Babel
            Dutch Translation: De Toren van Babel


book   Of Cain and Abel 


book   Inquiring Into the Truths or Falsehoods of Religions 


book   Of the Old and New Testament 


book   Thomas Paine's Bible Study of the New Testament 


book   Biblical Anachronism 


book   Thomas Paine's Thoughts on Christian Revival Meetings 


book    A Letter to a Friend Regarding The Age of Reason


book    Thomas Paine on Death


book   Thomas Paine's Thoughts on a Future State 


book    Correspondence Between Thomas Paine and Samuel Adams


book   Thomas Paine Reprimands Bishop Moore For Taking Advantage of Alexander Hamilton 


book   Thomas Paine Reprimands Clergyman Mason For Taking Advantage of Alexander Hamilton 


book    Thomas Paine on the Word "Religion"


book    Thomas Paine on Calvinism


book    Thomas Paine on the Sabbath-Day


book   Worship and Church Bells 


book    Thomas Paine on Christian Missionaries


book    Thomas Paine on Freemasonry, Part I


book    Thomas Paine on Freemasonry, Part II


book   Thomas Paine Defends His Open Deism 


book   A Humorous Poem by Thomas Paine - The Monk and the Jew 



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The People Who Live In The Moon
by fellow Deist Paul Heider, Jr.

This is a story about the human race and why they had to leave their home planet and settle on Earth. It documents some of the advances they made and mistakes they suffered on their home world, and the war that brought them so close to extinction. Their superstitions and advanced technology almost killed them all, but cooler heads taught them the value of logic and reason. When again they were faced with total obliteration they worked together and agreed to try and save the human race.

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A recent survey on religion shows there are 34 million Americans who are classified as "Nones", that is they do not embrace any of the "revealed" religions and the vast majority of them are not Atheists. In actuality, the vast majority of the "Nones" are actually Deists!

The survey shows a giant step forward for Deism in the fact that it actually uses the word "Deist" and for the very significant raw numbers it shows as representing the number of people who are Deists.  In reality, the number of Deists is actually higher than the survey shows because the survey uses an outdated definition of Deist. For a more accurate definition please see our Deism Defined page.

Click here to read the actual survey. (It's in PDF)
Astronomers report a recent study strongly indicates the Universe is infinite.
One of the reasons the freethinker Giordano Bruno was tortured and murdered by being burned alive by the Catholic Church during the Inquisition was that he said the Universe is eternal and infinite which violates the superstitions in the Bible found in Genesis. This new study vindicates Bruno.

Obama is making the mixing of church and state worse than ever before.
Obama supporters forget that when all is said and done, Obama is just another politician. This article shows he's proving that he is nothing but a politician by doing more than any other president to mix religion and government, especially through giving tax-dollars to religious organizations.

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