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About the Deism Emblem

The Deism emblem pictured above is not a Masonic emblem.

The words at the bottom of the pyramid, “A New Cycle of the Ages – Deism” are to point out that we are in a new cycle that will see negative unreasonable elements of the old cycle, such as fear and superstition based religious beliefs vanish as the natural and reasonable religion/spiritual philosophy of Deism rises.

The uncompleted pyramid represents all the work and progress made by previous generations and the fact that it is an incomplete pyramid shows us we still have important work to do. The top and separated portion of the pyramid represents humanity’s potential which we’re actively working and striving towards.

The bright light burst represents the light of reason and the Designer of both life and reason, The Supreme Intelligence/God.

The motto, “In Nature’s God We Trust” differentiates Deism from the “revealed”/hearsay religions in that we trust Nature’s God, we don’t have “faith” in what ancient men claimed and which modern clergy tell us of God through their man-made “holy books”.

Everything is set on a background of the stars of the night sky. It is the stars which taught humanity the errors of the “revealed” religions as well as the reality of The Supreme Intelligence.

Here is an interesting and informative essay by Thomas Paine about the origins of Freemasonry.

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