From Reorganized Latter Day Saint Church to Baptist to Deist

My journey began when I was born into the Reorganized Latter Day Saint Church, and baptized at age nine. I was oblivious to the controversy regarding my religion and its founder Joseph Smith. I simply knew that I believed differently than other people. For those who are curious about the RLDS church the following website will explain:

One of the gifts offered by the RLDS priesthood is that of the patriarchal blessing. I was at a turning point in my life and needed direction therefore turned to the church for guidance. My blessing stated that if I would study and pray that a testimony, a valid testimony by which many would come to a knowledge of the truth would be mine. I was also admonished to study the works of nature, as well as mans association with man, and the laws of health. For many years I did much study, and prayer seeking that valid testimony.

I was an isolated member of the RLDS church and during that time I attended Baptist churches in my area. When the RLDS church changed its name to the Community of Christ I would often check their website for information. I was seeking information on the many changes taking place within the church when I found the following websites: . This website led me to two books: "Part Way to Utah: The forgotten Mormons" and "Reorganized Latter Day Saint Church: Is It Christian?" as well as a video entitled "DNA vs. Book of Mormon." The books were written by former members of the RLDS church. I immediately purchased the two books and the video. When I read both books and viewed the video I realized that they contained undeniable proof that Joseph Smith was a false prophet.

Consequently, I had my name removed from membership in the RLDS/Community of Christ. I was then re-baptized into a local Missionary Baptist Church. I then began to study the King James Bible and quickly became disillusioned by much of its content. I found it to be filled with many contradictions, much falsehood and mythology. I learned that Paul of Tarsus and Jesus of Nazareth where not in agreement. I then read the following book: "The Jesus Sayings The Quest For His Authentic Message" by Rex Weyler. After reading that book I had my name removed from membership in the Missionary Baptist Church.

I then purchased "The Jefferson Bible", and Benjamin Franklin's "The Art of Virtue."

When I found this site ( about Deism I realized that my many questions had been answered. I had found the truth that I had been seeking.

We don't need a church or a priesthood to reach God. His Spirit is all around us and we can feel it if we are receptive to it. I continue to thank God for his many blessings, and I seek to live a virtuous life. Use your sense of Reason to find answers that you seek. Knock and the door will open for you, seek and you will find.

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