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Thanksgiving For Deism!

Thankfulness and gratitude really add a lot to our lives. Being truly thankful brings profound happiness. Appreciation breeds content and yet more happiness.

Deism is something we can all truly be thankful for. For thousands of years mankind has searched for meaning to life, has searched for an idea of God. Not until the advent of Deism beginning in the European Enlightenment has, to paraphrase Thomas Paine, our reason and our belief been happily united. This is a huge giant step in the progress of both mankind and the individual! It is something to be very thankful for!

When I look back at being entangled from birth in the web of "revealed" religion, I feel sorry for the years that I wasted pursuing and promoting first Roman Catholicism and then fundamentalist Christianity. However, I'm eternally grateful that I discovered Deism 37 years ago and have the opportunity to spread it as far and as wide as I possibly can! What an honor and what a privilege!

I'm also profoundly grateful to those who came before us with the Deist message. People like Lord Herbert, Voltaire, Ben Franklin, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, Ethan Allen, Elihu Palmer and his wife to name just a few. And I'm also deeply appreciative of Deists of today like Ray Fontaine, Pauline Rocco, Peter Murphy, Mark Brochu and everyone who actually takes action to see that Deism succeeds by writing, by working, by talking to others and by distributing our World Union of Deists leaflets and all of you who subscribe to our Deist webzine, Deistic Thought & Action!, and who make financial contributions that are so necessary to continue the growth of Deism! I love you all and count it a sincere honor to work with you for our common Deistic cause!

Because Deism is grounded in reason, it cannot be beat. None of the "revealed" religions can successfully stand against Deism. And neither can Atheism. The evolution of Antony Flew, a life long Atheist, to Deism makes this point. Mr. Flew is a very honest man who said he arrived at Deism by "following the evidence." There is not one other belief system that I'm aware of that can say that. Deism makes converts on its own because it works with the God-given reason that is in all of us. It's up to us to see to it that enough people are made aware of Deism to make a genuine positive change in the lives of individuals and in society.

Thank you all for all you've done and all you're doing to guarantee our Deist victory!

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