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Why Deism? From Mennonite to Deist

I was originally a Mennonite. I had been raised one as far back as I can remember. Up until I was 11 I believed in the teachings of the religion unquestionably. Then, once I hit that age, I started to question the reliability of the bible. The main thing that puzzled me was that if God loved each and every one of us so much, then why would he condemn us, His own creations, to burn for eternity if we so much as slightly disobeyed His wishes?

After these questions started to really get to me, I left the Mennonite church. For years I searched for a belief system that made sense and embraced logic and reason and denied superstition. I had jumped back and forth from atheism, paganism, universalism, etc. At the time they seemed right, however, it always came back to a question of logic and reality. It was not until these past few months that I discovered Deism.

After further research, I came to the realization that I was a Deist! Here was a belief-system that embraced reality, logic and reason, and didn't make false promises! Now that I've become a Deist, things have become much clearer. Now, life has not seemed nearly as grim as it used to be when I was bound down by "revealed" religion.

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