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Our 15th Deism eBooklet is Jesus and the Old Testament. It addresses objectively the Jew Jesus and his view of the Hebrew Bible, what became the Christian Old Testament. It offers great insight into the mind-set of Jesus regarding his religion of Judaism and the brutal and ungodly "holy" book of Judaism (and of Christianity, Islam and Mormonism) the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. This Deism eBooklet brings up such thought provoking points as why would Jesus say, "He who is without sin cast the first stone" and then condemn the Jews for not following the Old Testament command to stone to death children who curse their parents. Also covered is Jesus being in agreement with today's Zionist Christians such as John Hagee and many others, Jesus' state of mind being so poor he actually believed the genocidal Moses was a man of God, Jesus' failure to not only condemn slavery but to actually condone it, among several other important points.


It's vitally important to get as many people as possible to embrace, appreciate and to use their gift from God of innate reason. This Deism eBooklet is designed to do so by getting people to think and to question!

Defending God From the "Holy" Books #15 Jesus and the Old Testament

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