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Is truth important to you? Do you want to know what is true and to be able to detect what is false? You’re already equipped to accomplish this very important task in every aspect of your life, including religion and your ideas and beliefs about The Supreme Intelligence/God. You’re equipped for this because you have your gift from God of innate reason.


This Deism eBooklet identifies one ludicrous and false teaching from each of the big three Abrahamic “revealed”/hearsay religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It then goes on to show how the clergy get people to give up their innate God-given reason in order to believe the harmful and ungodly nonsense they teach about The Supreme Intelligence/God and how to protect yourself from it. The principle expressed by Arthur Schopenhauer: “A man cannot serve two masters, so it is either reason or the scriptures” is made evident by this thought provoking Deism eBooklet.

Defending God From the "Holy" Books #21 Attacks Against Truth in “Holy” Books

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