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Too often politicians and clergy paint the Quran, Islam's "holy" book, as a nonviolent positive revelation from God. However, as with its two Abrahamic predecessors, the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and the Christian Bible, the Quran cannot stand the test of our innate God-given reason and is loaded with calls to religious violence. This very well documented, powerful and thought provoking eBooklet will help you learn the contents of the Quran that Islamic clergy would rather keep you ignorant of, which includes Islam's ignorance of science, its evil portrayal of God, its belittling and calls for violence against women and its total lack of moral authority by it refusal to take a stand against slavery. This Deism eBooklet also uses current events to help make the point of how dangerous religious violence promoting "holy" books are and the very real damage they do, while holding out our innate God-given reason and Deism as a true, rational and natural alternative to Islam and the Quran.

Defending God From the "Holy" Books #3 Is the Quran a Revelation From God?

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