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People are often told that they need to have more faith. All of the various “revealed”/hearsay religions are said to be faith-based. People who follow or belong to these “revealed”/hearsay religions are said to be people of faith. The clergy never tire of promoting "faith" to their followers and to potential converts.


This thought provoking and inspiring Deism eBooklet exposes the tool used by the clergy to better control people, the tool known as faith. In contrast to the “revealed”/hearsay religions, Deism teaches that just as we have no need for a savior, we also have no need for what the clergy call faith. Deism holds out reason and trust as profoundly powerful and beautiful alternatives to faith/gullibleness. This Deism eBooklet will help the reader to free themselves from the quagmire known as faith and to instead embrace, appreciate and use their gift from The Supreme Intelligence/God of innate reason!

Defending God From the "Holy" Books #30How the “Holy” Books Destroy Trust in God

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