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World Union of Deists Emblem: God, Nature, Reason

The World Union of Deists was started in Charlottesville, Virginia on April 10, 1993, by Bob Johnson. This was the first time that an organization dedicated to propagating Deism existed since the days of Thomas Paine and Elihu Palmer in the 19th century.

The purpose of the World Union of Deists and its publications and webzines is to let as many people as possible know that they have a very sound and reasonable alternative to both "revealed" religion and to Atheism in Deism. To accomplish this, we take various forms of action. For example, we've conducted petition drives to remove the exemptions in state statutes that allow parents and guardians to withhold medical care from their sick and/or injured children if the care is withheld for religious "reasons". We feel it's very important to help free people, especially innocent children, and all of society from the deadly superstitions of the various "revealed" religions.

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The World Union of Deists has put up the first billboard (pictured at left) for the purpose of reaching more people with Deism. We also advertise Deism online. Our efforts promoting Deism are empowering people to embrace their God-given reason and to break free of the "revealed" religions.

We also sponsor programs that are designed to cause the rank-and-file members of the world's various "revealed" religious organizations to stop and question their beliefs and to see if they are in line with their God-given reason. One project we conduct along these lines is our Missions TO Christians effort. We advertise through direct mail and online to Christians, as our means allow. We are meeting with success with this project, receiving positive responses from both lay people and clergy. Think of the positive possibilities if we can get a large segment of Muslim, Mormon, Christian and Jewish "revealed" religionists to question the violence and hate generating irrational dogma of their respective religions! It's these ancient myths that promote Middle East wars that spill over into the rest of the world.

This web site is another example of the positive action the World Union of Deists is taking. We first launched this site, the first site ever dedicated to Deism, in 1996. This web site is putting us in touch with tens of thousands of individuals worldwide. Some of them never heard of Deism before and are happy to learn they are not alone and that there is an organization and spiritual philosophy that promotes the same reason-friendly beliefs they hold. Others are currently members of various "revealed" religions and/or Atheist groups but are open minded enough to give Deism an honest chance. This site is responsible for bringing new people to Deism from countries as far apart as Holland, America, Tanzania, Brazil and Australia!

If you'd like to join in the religious revolution and help in this important effort to defuse the superstition and violence promoting outdated ideas of the various "revealed" religions while promoting a true love and appreciation of our Creator and our God-given innate reason, please click here for a World Union of Deists Membership Application or fill out the short form at the bottom of the page for a free subscription to our Deism ePublications THINKonline! and Bruno & Ripoll's BulletinAlso, if you're willing and able, please help us get the necessary funds to advertise and reach new people with Deism by clicking here to make a donation for Deism or click here to subscribe to our monthly Deism web-zine Deistic Thought & Action!

The following are links to sample articles taken from our old hard copy THINK!, as well as from THINKonline! and Deistic Thought & Action!. Please click on any link which interests you.


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