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For Deism

Deism has unlimited potential for good. Deism empowers individual people with the ability to improve their own lives by making clear to people the profound importance of their gift from God of innate reason. Deism also helps people by giving them a much better idea of the Creator than that promoted by the "revealed" religions which portray God as being jealous, vengeful and violent. The World Union of Deists takes seriously Thomas Paine's insightful observation that belief in a cruel god makes a cruel person. Once we reach a large enough number of people with Deism, the societies that are made up of these people will also greatly improve. The World Union of Deists has been working to accomplish this important goal of reaching enough people with Deism to make a meaningful positive difference in the world since 1993. We would not be able to do this without the support of our fellow Deists. If you're willing and able to contribute to the cause of Deism, please make a donation below. Thank you!

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