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(Becoming a World Union of Deists Sustaining Member is for Deists who truly appreciate all the good Deism does for people who are fortunate enough to learn about Deism and who are willing and able to help provide the funding needed to promote Deism so more and more people will be reached with Deism. If you are not able to help financially, but would still like to be a member in the general membership of the WUD, please click here and complete the WUD Membership Application and send it to us. There is no cost to do this.)

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Make a Real and Consistent Difference - Become a Sustaining Member of the World Union of Deists!

Deism is based on reason and reason brings progress. In fact, it's impossible to have progress without reason. If we truly want a better world for ourselves, for our children, for our grandchildren and for all of humanity and for all life on Earth then we need to DO all we can to promote reason and Deism.

After 30 years of hard work and persistence promoting Deism, it is very clear that to realistically and effectively promote Deism and the reason it brings we need the necessary resources and funding to purchase the assets and advertising required for the real growth of Deism and the World Union of Deists.

It's very obvious that we need to advertise Deism as often and as widely as we possibly can. And it's also very obvious that advertising costs money. The ACTIONS of the enemies of God-given reason and free thought, the "revealed" religions, instruct us in these important facts. In 2007 they spent $161.6 million on Internet advertising alone. They spent $1.3 BILLION on direct mail advertising and $29.3 million on media insert advertising. We need to at least do the same if we want Deism to have an equal chance at success.

When I was writing An Answer to C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity, I inadvertently learned one of the reasons for the success of Christianity and the various "revealed" religions. The giving of their rank and file members to the fear and superstition promoting "revealed" religions is usually done in accordance with this instruction from Lewis on how Christians should give: "In other words, if our expenditure on comforts, luxuries, amusements, etc., is up to the standard common among those with the same income as our own, we are probably giving away too little.”

In this instruction on giving, Lewis was speaking of giving to Christian churches and to Christian charitable organizations. As the World Union of Deists continues to grow, it is our goal to have Deist Reason Centers around the world. Deist Reason Centers will be places people can go to who want to learn about Deism. They will be staffed by Deists who will answer any questions people may have about Deism. They will have a library of Deist and freethought books and literature as well as audio files, videos and DVDs for people to use in order to get a better understanding of Deism. Each Deist Reason Center will have a quality telescope and someone knowledgeable about astronomy who can help people study and enjoy the profoundly beautiful planets, stars and Universe which constitute the only real "word of God", and which points us to our Creator. Each Deist Reason Center will also offer free literacy classes to anyone who is interested. I would also like to have volunteer doctors, nurses and dentists who can help and treat people who either have no money or no insurance or who are underinsured. And, of course, to help those who are not able to get a healing from a faith-healer! 

If we all pitch in and give and do all we can to promote Deism, Deism will succeed, and individuals and the world will be free from the fear and violence promoting influence of the "revealed" religions! Real progress and peace will prevail! What we DO today determines what our and the world's tomorrows will be like. Please help us guarantee countless beautiful tomorrows by becoming a Sustaining Member of the World Union of Deists! All Sustaining Members will receive a subscription to our monthly web-zine Deistic Thought & Action!, and to the new Deist quarterly publication, DEISM, which is in both hardcopy and electronic format. In addition, Sustaining Members will receive an embossed World Union of Deists Certificate of Sustaining Membership and a World Union of Deists lapel pin as a sign of our deep appreciation. Please select the Sustaining Membership option below that is best for you. Thank you!

Monthly Sustaining Membership Donations:

Sustaining Monthly Subscription to Deistic Thought & Action!
$15.00 per month

Sustaining Monthly Subscription to Deistic Thought & Action!
$30.00 per month

Sustaining Monthly Subscription to Deistic Thought & Action!
$50.00 per month

Sustaining Monthly Subscription to Deistic Thought & Action!
$100.00 per month

Sustaining Monthly Subscription to Deistic Thought & Action!
$500.00 per month

Sustaining Monthly Subscription to Deistic Thought & Action!
$1000.00 per month

Thank you for helping to make Deism a truly viable force
for progress and happiness and in educating people that God and religion are not the same thing!

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