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Being charged with blasphemy or being accused of being a heretic in Christianity could get you tortured and killed prior to enlightenment and secularism checking the uncontrolled power of Christianity. Today those charges against you in many Islamic nations will end with you receiving a death sentence.


The clergy have historically claimed people guilty of blasphemy or of being a heretic were enemies of God and that what they believed and said was injurious to God. This could not be further from the truth. The clergy don’t care about God, they care about job security. People who apply their innate God-given reason to the claims made by the “revealed”/hearsay religions don’t threaten God, they threaten the clergy. The last thing the clergy of all the various “revealed”/hearsay religions want is to have their followers and supporters question their unreasonable/ungodly religious dogma. Since our innate reason, like life itself, is a gift from God it stands to reason that The Supreme Intelligence/God would want us to apply it to everything in our lives and especially to religion.


This thought provoking and powerful Deism eBooklet makes very clear with many examples why the very existence of blasphemy and heresy are direct attacks against The Supreme Intelligence/God. It also covers the very real harm these religious rules and laws cause and why we’re obligated to fight against them.

Defending God From the "Holy" Books #12 Why Deism and Heresy Laws Are Attacks

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