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A profound and fundamental difference between the "revealed"/hearsay religions and Deism is wisdom. The Bible teaches wisdom comes from fear of God while Deism embraces the belief of the ancient Greek philosophers who taught that the start of wisdom is wonder.


Deism also teaches the greatest gift from The Supreme Intelligence/God, second only to the gift of life itself, is reason. It is our innate reason which makes wisdom possible.


This thought provoking and powerful Deism eBooklet helps the reader see the Biblical assault against wisdom and encourages resistance to these religious efforts to rob us of this precious and priceless gift from God. It also points out the danger from some political groups today who are clamoring for endless wars based on their Bible-based beliefs. This Deism eBooklet is a good way to help short-circuit their push for religious violence.

Defending God From the "Holy" Books #13 The Biblical Attack On Wisdom

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