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How could "the Word of God" portray The Supreme Intelligence/God as a moron and a fool? If a book which is held out as being "the Word of God" does portray The Supreme Intelligence/God in such a negative way then it cannot possibly be "the Word of God."


The "holy" books of all four of the Abrahamic "revealed"/hearsay religions of Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Mormonism all paint a picture of God as lacking the sense and knowledge of a typical third grader. This Deism eBooklet points out these ungodly religious teachings with chapter and verse citations and links. It also contains inspiring facts that show the reader there is no need for "holy" books or for "revealed"/hearsay religions to believe in The Supreme Intelligence/God. The evidence for God is all around us and within us. This is a great source for solid knowledge that can help the reader and anyone they share it with to achieve freedom from religious fear-based superstitions and to enjoy a natural and rational belief in The Supreme Intelligence/God!

Defending God From the "Holy" Books #16“Holy” Books Portray God as a Fool

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