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Our second eBooklet in the series is Jesus Said What?!. It's sad but true that many Christians don't even know what the Bible attributes to Jesus. Some of the teachings the Bible claims are from Jesus are very damaging, dangerous and ungodly. Teachings such as promoting Hebrew Bible/Old Testament laws to kill disobedient children, false promises to Christians that are easily proven to be false plus man other important overlooked teachings the Bible claims Jesus promoted. This eBooklet brings them to the surface so people can apply their innate God-given reason to them. Once this is done, the grip the Bible has on so many people will in some cases be weakened and in some cases be broken for good. This Deism eBooklet is also a great well documented resource for all freethinkers who want to help liberate people from the fear-based superstitions of the "revealed"/hearsay religions.

Defending God From the "Holy" Books #2 Jesus Said What?!

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