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We hear a lot about “the anti-Christ” and all the evil and suffering he will bring to our world. There are many Hollywood movies about this Bible-based bogeyman and the related number 666, the mark of the beast. This Deism eBooklet, Anti-God or Anti-Christ?, brings to light many important and profound facts which not only remove the fear from this Christian myth, but which also makes the profound and important distinction between being anti-God and anti-Christ. It offers inspiring insights which make clear we need to chose between The Supreme Intelligence/God and religion.


Fear is a huge part of Christianity. Fear of burning for eternity in hell. Fear of mythical creatures such as Satan, devils, demons and the anti-Christ. Fear of being “left behind.” Deism gives people the power and tools to remove these deep-rooted fears and to replace them with real reason based joy and happiness knowing that God really did give us innate reason and not religion! This Deism eBooklet helps to bring home this very important reality!

Defending God From the "Holy" Books #20 Anti-God or Anti-Christ?

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