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Many people believe Jesus Christ would align well with people on the political left. The religious left, in fact, often attacks the religious right using Jesus as an argument for everything from free health care to a more equitable tax system that would help the poor. What these sincere people are not aware of is that Jesus, the Bible and the god of the Bible all have, promote and embrace teachings that are harmful to people while promoting financial greed and materialism. Not only that, but they all belittle people and belittle The Supreme Intelligence/God as well. This powerful and well documented Deism eBooklet helps the reader understand just how brutal and ungodly Jesus and the Bible really are. It ends with an important and profound question from Thomas Paine that all people who believe in The Supreme Intelligence/God and who love The Supreme Intelligence/God must answer for themselves.

Defending God From the "Holy" Books #23 The Bible’s Material God

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