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The various “revealed” religions all make the false claim that they are religions of peace. This Deism eBooklet helps the reader realize that this is not true. It addresses the statement by Pope Francis to the Vatican conference “Tackling Violence Committed in the Name of Religion” and makes very clear that Francis is either ignorant of the contents of his “Word of God” the Bible, or he is a liar.


The Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, the Christian New Testament and the Quran are all examined to bring out the fact that none of them are innocent of promoting religious violence and warfare. Also looked at is the history of religious violence all of the Abrahamic “revealed”/hearsay religions are guilty of. Their history is the story of their violent actions inspired by the religious teachings in all of their “holy” books.


Using our gift from The Supreme Intelligence/God of our innate reason is the only way to end the “revealed”/hearsay religions, which will end the religious violence and warfare they all promote. None of the “revealed”/hearsay religions can withstand the light of our innate God-given reason which Deism brings!

Defending God From the "Holy" Books #48 Religions Promote Perpetual War

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