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The "revealed"/hearsay religions all promote fear of God. However, the reality of it is actually fear of the clergy. This Deism eBooklet does a great job of pointing out how the clergy of Judaism, Christianity and Islam all promote fear of God among their followers which amounts to promoting fear of themselves for their own selfish benefit.


A very important observation is made in this Deism eBooklet that shows how a teaching in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, which is held as sacred by all of the Abrahamic "revealed"/hearsay religions, completely destroys the only real meaningful kind of love - unconditional love.


Also brought out in this thought provoking and enlightening Deism eBooklet is the importance of wonder over fear. This is what makes true progress possible and what gives our lives profound meaning, joy and purpose.

Defending God From the "Holy" Books #6 Should We Associate Fear, Love or Wonder

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