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Billions of sincere people believe the Bible is the Word of God. Many people who hold this belief genuinely love God and want to please God and learn more about God. This Deism eBooklet will help those people accomplish those two important goals. It will help them please God by encouraging them to truly appreciate their gift from God of innate reason. And it will help them learn more about God and to get closer to God by honestly and objectively applying their God-given reason to the Bible. Just as Thomas Edison said shortly prior to inventing the light bulb that he knows 10,000 ways that won't work, by applying their God-given innate reason to the Bible they will know the Bible is not the Word of God and will not help them to please God, to learn about God or to get closer to God. This in and of itself brings the reader closer to God.

This Deism eBooklet provides Deists and other freethinkers with ten very sold examples of why the Bible not only is not the word of God but why it is actually an assault against God/The Supreme Intelligence.

Defending God From the "Holy" Books #9 Ten Biblical Assaults Against God

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