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Altruism, the “unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others”,Deism altruism is an essential part of progress throughout history. From the ancient Greeks at the Battle of Thermopylae to the American Revolution, altruism was indispensable.


This Deism eBooklet shows the importance of altruism and why the man-made “revealed” religions are void of altruism. It shows how our connection with altruism started with The Supreme Intelligence/God’s altruism, and gives a shining example of the life saving altruism of a life member of the World Union of Deists.


Currently altruism is under attack, primarily by followers of Ayn Rand. Rand was strongly and hypocritically anti-altruism, as this Deism eBooklet makes clear. Rand’s anti-altruism book Atlas Shrugged is, according to a survey done by the Library of Congress, the second most influential book in America, second only to another anti-altruism book, the Bible. Deism can help elevate altruism above selfishness and greed, thus making the world a better place and making the lives of individuals better and more meaningful.

Deism’s Principles eBooklet #13 Deism and Altruism

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