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A common point that runs through almost all the qualities of Deism that Deists enjoy and often mention is freedom. Freedom and Deism go together. This is because Deism is free of man-made dogmas the “revealed” religions use to control people with through fear. Nowhere in Deism, for example, is there a teaching that to question is doubt and doubt is sin. To the contrary, in Deism people are strongly encouraged to make full use of their innate God-given reason and to question everything! This is a beautiful quality to have and to enjoy, and a quality that is essential to progress.


This Deism eBooklet makes clear the vital importance of living as free as we possibly can. It shows how Deism helps us to live a life based on freedom and reason, not on obedience and fear.

Deism’s Principles eBooklet #14 Deism and Freedom

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