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A very real and very profound important difference between Deism andDeism versus cruelty the “revealed” religions is Deism’s reliance on our innate God-given reason versus the opposition to our God-given reason by the “revealed” religions. This opposition to reason by the “revealed” religions is shown in this Deism eBooklet to be a primary reason for the cause of religious violence and cruelty in the world, both past and present. Deism is offering humanity a life and world free of the nonsensical superstitions that produce religious cruelty and violence. This will allow us to create a future without these harmful and damaging features of the “revealed” religions infecting our thoughts and actions and having a negative impact on the world. This Deism eBooklet draws on the ideas and writings of the Deists Anthony Collins, Thomas Paine and Albert Einstein as well as of the astronomer and freethinker Carl Sagan.

Deism’s Principles eBooklet #15 Deism Versus Cruelty

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