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Truth matters. What is true is what we do our best to base our lives on.Deism and Truth From something as simple and mundane as knowing the true location of a chair we are about to sit down on prior to sitting down, to a true and factual diagnosis of a medical condition before starting treatment, truth and reality matter.


When it comes to belief in The Supreme Intelligence/God, the source of our lives and innate reason and the amazing Universe we’re all a part of, we are taught to throw our reason out the door and instead to embrace man-made nonsense through “faith” for our ideas and beliefs about The Supreme Intelligence/God.


This Deism eBooklet, Deism and Truth, helps us to see why truth is a key principle of Deism and how following the Deistic principle of objectively seeking and embracing what is true profoundly helps to make better lives and a better world for us all.

Deism’s Principles eBooklet #3 Deism and Truth

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