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My Life With God IN and OUT of the Church is a beautiful account of Ray Fontaine's evolution from a Roman Catholic priest of over 20 years to an active Deist.


While a Catholic priest in Africa, Ray Fontaine was looking at the stars one night and realized that the stars teach us that the Bible is wrong. It was by learning more about the stars that Galileo verified that the Bible is incorrect in its teachings that the Earth is the center of the Universe. For proclaiming this fact, Ray's employer, the Catholic Church, put Galileo on trial. This realization, along with many other holes in the Bible and Christianity, eventually brought Ray to a much deeper and profound understanding of God and to Deism.


One of the key realizations that Ray made which led him to Deism is the fact that God and religion are not the same thing. God is completely different from religion - thank God!

My Life With God IN and OUT of the Church (eBook/PDF)

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