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Deism Overcomes Religious Violence and Makes a Meaningful Life

A Deist in Scotland, Linda, is an amazing and inspiring Deist. She and her husband were victims of the Islamic religious violence that unfolded in London, England on Thursday, July 7, 2005 via al Qaeda bombings of the London subway system and on a double-decker bus, which have come to be known as the 7/7 bombings. Linda's husband died from the religious inspired violence two months after sustaining his injuries. Linda was crippled and is now frequently confined to a wheelchair and in pain. The Islamic religious violence also caused her to miscarry her baby.

This horrific experience caused Linda to ask a lot of profound and important questions. Why did this happen to her and her husband and child? Where was God? Is the Quran, or any of the holy scriptures, God's word?

Thankfully, Linda discovered Deism while she was asking these and other very important questions. Her years of honest and objective asking of life's most basic and important questions has resulted in the edifying, powerful, thought provoking, enlightening and inspiring articles by Linda that are linked to below. Linda also was interviewed for our WUD Deism Podcasts which is also linked to below.

Linda's Articles:

Why Deism?

A Deist on Forgiveness

Deism and Disability

Deism, Science, Religion, Philosophy and the Possible Purpose of Life

A Deist Contests the End of the World Theorists

Deism: A Living Breathing Joyous Way of Life

Healing Through Deism/Reason

Living Life as a Deist

Deism: Reverence, Respect and Tolerance

Deism and Sexuality: An Investigation

Imagine: A Deist Future!

Listen to Linda's interview for Deism Podcasts

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