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From Christian to Agnostic to Deism

Ever since I was young, I had trouble believing the stories that were in the bible. I always thought "these seem a lot like fairy tails." I then started doing research and I was amazed at the number of contradictions, inconsistencies, and the promotion of horrible acts such as rape and murder contained in the bible. I also looked into other religions and they all had the same problems.

I was fascinated with the universe though and I saw patterns everywhere on Earth, in our solar system, in our galaxy, and in our universe. I remember telling myself that the odds of everything that we can see happening, having happened by accident would require an unbelievable number of events all happening with a chance that is slim to none. I also knew that we haven't even touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to knowing everything that the universe has to offer. I considered these beliefs of mine as agnostic until I stumbled upon and read about deism. The beliefs matched mine to a tee.

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