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Why Deism? From Islam to Deism

I first learned about Deism in-depth a week before I decided to officially renounce Islam and become a Deist. While my official change to Deism is recent, I think I have been a Deist for longer than a month without even realizing it. For years now, I have been extremely skeptical and resentful of not only the sect of Islam which I was raised in but also of what Islam in general preaches and represents. I think the main thing which confirms this is seeing all the suffering and problems which have been afflicting the entire world in different ways respectively. Now, those who are irreligious would state that God is idly sitting by and allowing these bad things to happen while devout adherents of organized religion (be they Muslim or otherwise) would argue that this is all a big test by God to see what path the adherents would follow and that the suffering taking place plays a part in the grander scheme of things, i.e., the Day of Judgment.

Seeing that I am a critical thinker, I looked at both the perspectives of religious and non-religious individuals and I came up with the following conclusion: God exists and he is omnipotent and all-knowing. However, he does not intervene in the world not because he is incapable of doing so or because his intervention will not end all the pain and suffering in the world. It is because he chooses not to do so because he granted us with the great gift of Free Will. We are given minds and other resources by him, and we alone choose how to behave, think, and use these resources. Also, we alone make our own decisions and solely decide whether they are good or bad decisions. The human race reaps what it sows.

Fast-forwarding to last month, I decided to share some of my views about religion and views with a good friend of mine who was born and raised Hindu. He told me that I have a Deistic way of thinking. I was intrigued by that particular word and as a result, I went on Google and I started to read up about Deism from multiple sources on Google. Once I completed my research, I concluded that Deism makes much more sense than Islam and therefore, I decided that I belong more among Deists than I do among Muslims. That’s the story of how I became a Deist.

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I’m a Diest, but I do not adhere to the belief that God is all knowing and onimpotent, nor does not intervene in anything, nor gave us a free will. We have no idea what God’s will is. By us. suggesting God revealed that to us, makes us no better then all other revealed religions. We know nothing about God other than He exists and is proven in nature and science. Period. We are Reasonists. We believe in Reason, and only in reasoning and using common sense, we can know how great our Creator is. Nothing more, nothing less.


I hear this a lot: That God gave us free will. Where does that idea come from? Did God give it to us or is it just a part of the evolutionary development of humans?

Replying to

Evolution gave it to us. Reasoning is the expected result because of the Laws of nature. Read my answer in Why Deism.

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