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From End-timer to Deist

I grew up in a very Christian household. My mother was extremely religious and very rigid with myself and my siblings when it came to religion.

I was always subjected to end of the world propaganda for as long as I can remember. She later died when I was 14 years old, so of course at that age I was very confused why God would take my mother from me at such a young age. I later lived with my aunt and uncle and of course was forced to go to Sunday school which never really felt right for me. They used to send me to bible camps every summer and when I came back I would throw away all of my possessions that were considered secular because I really wanted to believe the religion. After awhile I was content to know that God existed but I still believed in Jesus, heaven, hell, and Satan. So I was always concerned about what I did in this life. As I became more Libertarian in my thinking I began to study the Founders and found that a majority of them were Deists not Christians as we are all led to believe. So I became curious about Deism and learned what it meant. I can honestly say I am much happier in my life because of it. I no longer have shame for being alive and doing those things that make life interesting.

Every day I wake up and see the world with new eyes. Nature's God is everywhere. I have thrown off the shackles of religion that bound me at one time and have embraced life. Whenever anyone asks my religion I am proud to say I am a Deist, which in turn leads to lengthy conversations on the subject.

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