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From Islam to Deism (My brain is God's Messenger to me)

This is a short review about my religious background and my views and how I became a Deist. Pardon me for any grammatical mistakes.

Religion vs. Logic

It took me years to free myself from religion ( Islam ). It was not an easy process to get rid of the dominance of the religion. I have suffered a lot in searching for the truth and investigate facts. I did not have the chance and opportunity to communicate with the followers of other religions or read about their beliefs and as a result I remained in my prison believing that I have the absolute truth. Thinking that in believing in this religion I will go to heaven and others will go to hell. I am right and others are wrong. Even my religion gives me the right to kill others just because they do not believe in what I believe!! This is what the Holy Book Koran says : for example, Surah ( 9 ) At-Taube ( Repentance ) verse ( 5 ): When the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the pagans wherever you find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem ( of war ). But if they repent, and establish regular prayers. and pay zakat then open the way for them, for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful). This verse is known as ( THE VERS OF SWORD ). This verse concerns the pagans. Whiles the verse ( 29 ) the same Surah, concerns The People of the Book ( Jews and Christians ), this verse says : Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which has been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the Religion of truth, from among the people of the Book. Until they pay the Jizya ( tax ) with willing submission and feel themselves subdued.

And the prophet of Islam Muhammad says: "I was ordered to fight people until they say ( there is no gods but Allah and Muhammad his Messenger ), if they say that, their blood and belongings will be protected from me"). Is this logic?? Is this what God wants me to do?? To wage a Holy War against other people!!!! To kill them and loot what they possess!!! Violence leads to violence.

I decided to look for the truth no matter how long it may take, so I started from the beginning and asked myself this simple question: ( why am I Muslim not Christian or Buddhist ? ) and the answer came simply and honestly ( I am Muslim because my parents are Muslims, because the society that I live in is Muslim ) so logically I inherited this religion, it was no matter of choice. As a child I did not have any other options. I imitated what my parents told me like a parrot. I imitated what I have been told by my family, school and the whole society surrounding me.

I think this is true and applies to almost all other people. We do not choose our religion but it is imposed on us. We are compelled to follow the teachings of the religion even they are illogic and full of superstitions. God gave us brain which can lead us to God. He cannot give us brains and at the same time give us teachings that contradict our brains.

Consequently, if the revealed religions are reasonable and logical then we (ordinary people) can comprehend and reach to God through the power of our brains and there is no need for messengers. On the other hand , if the revealed religions are unreasonable and illogical, then they are unacceptable and there is no rational justification to believe in them.

Finally , as Descartes said, " I think , therefore I am." I decided to follow my brain which is God's gift to me and I consider it God's messenger to me to enlighten my world and lead me through this life.

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