Why Deism? Deism and Liberation, Intelligence and Joy!

I was born into the Catholic Church and went through the indoctrination of Catechism class; alter boy training and of course strict adherence to the "Sacraments". I always questioned many of the concepts and doctrines of the faith that just did not add up but as a youth, such thoughts were heresy and I was marched off to the Parish office to be "taught in the faith" by the Pastor. During my life I toyed with many other "religions" and sought the "truth" in them all. Each, in its own way failed the test. Finally at age 65, after a lifetime of doubt, confusion, guilt and shame (all emotions readily imposed by all of the "revealed" faiths), I came across a website titled: www.evilbible.com and in the contents was a passing reference to Thomas Paine and Deism. Still on my life long quest for truth and reason I went to the Deism site and realized that after a lifetime of searching I had arrived. The more I explored Deism and read THE AGE OF REASON, the more clear it became that logic and intelligence are found in Deism alone!! I am still learning all I can about Deism and freeing myself from the mental and emotional bondage of the Catholic Church only THIS time it is a journey of liberation, intelligence and joy!

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