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Why Deism? From Christian to Agnostic to Deist

I was forced to attend an evangelical church during my youth. I hated every minute of it. Even at a young age, I was not buying what they were selling. After going away to college, I became an agnostic, which I remained for many years.

Later in my adult life, I did a lot of soul searching about the existence of God. I eventually came to believe that the orderliness of the universe and the miracle of life itself could not be the result of some random event. I came to believe in an omnipotent force in the universe, yes, a God, but retained my hostility to organized religion.

For many years, I thought that I was alone in my beliefs. A few years ago, in a discussion of religious beliefs with a nephew, he convinced me to read "The Age of Reason" by Thomas Paine. This book changed my life. I realized that there were many others who shared my beliefs. By "googling' Deism, I was introduced to a world that I did not know existed.

I am now an ardent Deist and spread the word at every opportunity. I have written letters to the editor, some of which were printed, informing readers of the existence of Deism. I even have a personalized license plate on my automobile which simply says "DEIST"

On the surface, to those who know me only casually, I have had a successful life. Few people know of the demons that I have fought. During the first 39 years of life I suffered, many times, with debilitating depression. As an adult, I was in and out of psychiatric hospitals, staying weeks or months, until I was once again able to regain my place in society. I was without hope, thinking this was a lifelong affliction.

At 39, I found a psychiatrist who experimented with me, putting me on a combination of anti-depressants. It took eight long weeks, but eventually, for the first time in my life, I was "DEPRESSION FREE". I am now 64 and have lived a wonderful life, free from depression, for the past 25 years.

At the suggestion of my family doctor, who knew my history of depression, I have written a book to be released sometime soon, probably in March or April 2008. The Name of the book is:

Surviving Depression

My Agonizing Struggle with Sanity


I did not write this book to gain fame or make money, but to give the many hopelessly depressed people something that I never had until I was 39. I wanted to give them

HOPE that someday they might live depression free and have a normal life.

On the last page of the book I write the following:

"When I was in college, like many college students, I became an agnostic. As I have matured and observed the vastness and order of the universe and the wonder of life itself, I now know that there is an omnipotent force responsible for the creation, yes, a God. Yet, I shun organized religion, preferring a direct personal relationship with my God. I am a Deist"

I hope this book is successful for two reasons (1) to let depressed people know that there is hope and (2) to let the reader know that there is an alternative to the revealed religions.

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