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People have come to accept the false teaching and belief that the Bible is God’s word and that it is ambiguous. I remember hearing people say, when I was a Christian, that the Bible is not really ambiguous, it is just that people need to take the time to really study it. It was often stated that that is why we have the clergy. The clergy are people who take the time and devout years of their lives to studying “God’s Word.” The clergy then help the lay people when they have questions about the Bible.


This Deism eBooklet shows how wrong it is to believe God’s word is ambiguous. It also demonstrates that there is absolutely no need for clergy, and that in fact, the ancient Jewish clergy who wrote the Bible made it ambiguous for their own self-serving desires and job security.

Why the Bible’s Ambiguity is an Offense Against God closes with powerful statements and quotes to show the only real word of God is the Universe and Creation we are all living parts of. What a relief and inspiration that reason-based realization is!

Defending God From the "Holy" Books #25 Why the Bible’s Ambiguity is an Offense

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