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One of the great qualities of Deism is that it follows a primary rule of philosophy: to seeDeism eBooklet word of god things as they really are and not merely as they appear to be or as they are presented to be. This Deism eBooklet helps us to apply this very important principle to all of the various “holy” books the “revealed”/hearsay religions present to us as being the Word of God.


When we see these religious books as they really are, we see just how ungodly, unreasonable and anti-God they really are. This Deism eBooklet counters the anti-God nonsense in the pretended words of God and points out how freeing ourselves from them through reason and Deism allows us to also be free of frustration and much more happy and content with ourselves.


In Deism we have an important purpose. A purpose to make the world a much better place by educating people currently under the influence of a “revealed”/hearsay religion that The Supreme Intelligence/God did not write nor inspire their religion’s “holy” scriptures while also holding up the Creation/Universe as the only possible Word of God. This Deism eBooklet helps to accomplish this important goal.

Defending God From the "Holy" Books #27Free Yourself From Anti-God “Words of God

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