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Most people assume that religions exist in order to help people get a better idea and understanding of The Supreme Intelligence/God. Unfortunately this is a false assumption.


This powerful and thought provoking Deism eBooklet helps the reader see with their own eyes how the “holy” books of the “revealed”/hearsay religions actually place stumbling blocks in the way of people who desire to learn about The Supreme Intelligence/God. Not only does this Deism eBooklet point out how the “revealed”/hearsay religions do this, but also WHY they do it. This is very important for people to learn, as it helps people to differentiate between religion and The Supreme Intelligence/God.


Deism is shown to be the natural and most beneficial way for people to embrace a belief and understanding in and of The Supreme Intelligence/God. This Deism eBooklet will help people realize the profound and liberating truth that God gave us reason and not religion!

Defending God From the "Holy" Books #29 How “Holy” Books Prevent Belief in God

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