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The “revealed” religions all promote fear-based superstitions andDeism eBooklet Wisdom Overcome Religion religious violence. Many people under the influence of a “revealed” religion live in fear of eternal damnation at the hands of God, or being possessed by Satan or his demons or other evil spirits. The clergy enjoy their control over the faithful and manipulate them through fear and faith. Thankfully this control over the lives of the faithful can be broken by the wonderful gift of wonder!


Wonder, like our innate God-given reason, is in each of us. The ancient Greek and Roman philosophers taught us that wonder will lead us to wisdom, while the ancient Jews and Christians taught people that fear of God (in reality, fear of the clergy) is the start of wisdom. This profound realization can help people burst the chains of monkish ignorance, as Thomas Jefferson wrote, and make true and meaningful progress that will improve life for themselves and for society! This Deism eBooklet helps people realize the amazing power they have in wonder and offers examples of how it can make for a much better world!

Defending God From the "Holy" Books #33 Wonder Overcomes Religion

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