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One of the common traits all of the “revealed”/hearsay religions share is the desire for world domination. This is not to be blamed on The Supreme Intelligence/God, who had nothing to do with the creation of any of the “revealed” religions or their alleged Word of God, despite claims by the clergy to the contrary. The blame goes to the clergymen who wrote the “holy” books, as well as to today’s clergy members who promote the “holy” books.


This thought provoking and well documented Deism eBooklet exposes the calls for world domination by Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It arms the reader with knowledge so they can be empowered to successfully counter these superstition based religious claims and help other people to protect themselves from falling victim to these siren calls from the clergy. In a world  suffering from increasing amounts of religious violence, it’s time we attack the root of the problem with knowledge, reason and Deism. This Deism eBooklet helps us accomplish this important goal.

Defending God From the "Holy" Books #34 “Holy” Books Promote World Domination

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