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One of the great qualities of Deism is its lack of man-made dogma and doctrine falsely claimed to be of divine origin. Since Deism is free of such harmful and deceptive man-made dogma, Deists are free to make up their own minds on everything, including the question of an afterlife. Some Deists do not believe there is any continuation of consciousness of existence once our body dies, some Deists believe there is a continuation in an afterlife and some Deists are not sure if they believe in a continuation in an afterlife or not.


The “revealed” Abrahamic religions, Christianity and Islam in particular, have strong teachings and man-made dogma about the afterlife and what it is like. In short, if you’re not one of them, you are going to go to Hell where God will burn you for eternity. This Deism eBooklet makes clear that this is simply a scare tactic used by the clergy of the various “revealed” religions to win members to their religion and to keep them.


These scare tactics are an attack on a rational belief in a just Creator and a rational belief in an afterlife. This Deism eBooklet gives examples of several famous Deists, as well as of several ancient philosophers, who held very rational and inspiring beliefs about an afterlife. It's good to have a rational alternative to the fear-based superstitions!

Defending God From the "Holy" Books #36 “Holy” Books Attack Rational Belief

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