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Popular opinion is a powerful force. It influences people at all levels, from kids doing stupid and dangerous acts due to peer pressure, to adults not speaking their minds in public for fear of offending popular opinions that are held by others.


Fear of publicly going against popular opinion has caused some wonderful and outstanding people to keep their Deistic ideas to themselves and to publicly say things that seem to endorse a “revealed” religion. This Deism eBooklet covers three famous Deists who were impacted by the popularity of the Bible, Christianity and Judaism in this way: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Albert Einstein. Thankfully these great historic figures wrote in personal letters and correspondence their true Deistic beliefs, which in many cases were not made public during their lifetimes.


The more Deists and other freethinkers do today to promote Deism and freethought, the more we will weaken the power of the “revealed” religions to influence popular opinion around the world. Then people will move much closer to profound progress through the true free exchange of ideas in all spheres of life.

Defending God From the "Holy" Books #38 How Popularity of “Holy” Books Thwarts

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