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Progress is essential to happiness and the wellbeing of people and society. The more we make progress, the better quality of life we all have and enjoy. This Deism eBooklet exposes very real ways in which progress is attacked by the “holy” books of the various “revealed” religions and how Deism offers us rational protection from those attacks.


The Jewish and Christian attacks on the wonder and wisdom of the ancient Greeks and Romans are examined. The strong desire and actions for improvement and progress made by Greece and Rome, which still benefit us today, flew in the face of the teachings and mentality of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and of the Christian New Testament. This is made evident by the attacks on the Greek Olympic Games by both the Jews and the Christians.


Examples of religious teachings from Judaism, Christianity and Islam which contradict science and reality, and which, if taken seriously, would prevent any real progress being made by humanity are addressed. This Deism eBooklet lets the reader know that they are free to let go of the fear-based superstitions of the “revealed” religions and need to decide if they will follow man-made religions or their innate God-given reason, the latter being the only path to progress.

Defending God From the "Holy" Books #39 How Why the “Holy” Books Attack Progress

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