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This Deism eBooklet addresses the assault against freedom, liberty and the principles of the American Revolution the Bible and Quran make. With the advances currently being made by the religious right to turn the US into a Bible-based theocracy, this is a timely Deism eBooklet containing documented facts that can be used to initiate stimulating and thought provoking conversation for enlightening people about Deism, religion and liberty!


Topics covered are the quote from Leviticus that is on the famous Liberty Bell, Bible and Quran teachings and commands as to how governments should be established and operate as well as inspiring common sense from two of America’s founders.


This is a great tool to have to gain more insight into the very real danger theocracies are to humanity and a means to educate other people about both these dangers and about the true intent of America’s founders.

Defending God From the "Holy" Books #41 The “Holy” Books Attack Liberty

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