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Appreciation is a wonderful, beautiful and empowering quality. It enables us to draw much joy out of life and the Universe, and out of the important people and things in our life. This, in turn, often gives us fresh hope and strengthens our perseverance. Appreciation makes happiness possible and gives us strength as we work for a better life and world.


The “revealed”/hearsay religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam all attack our vitally important appreciation of our God-given life and reason, and our appreciation of the reason-based Universe. This, of course, denigrates our appreciation for the Designer of life and the Universe: The Supreme Intelligence/God.


This inspiring and thought provoking Deism eBooklet helps us recognize the attempts by the Abrahamic “revealed”/hearsay religions to attack our appreciation of The Supreme Intelligence/God, and it gives us powerful examples of why we should be profoundly appreciative of the Designer and the Designer’s designs which are found throughout the beautiful and amazing known Universe.

Defending God From the "Holy" Books #43 Religions Attack Appreciation

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