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Happiness is not possible without sanity, and sanity is not possible without reason. All of the various “revealed” religions attack our reason and thus make true happiness for people virtually impossible. This Deism eBooklet addresses this very real problem and demonstrates how reason-based Deism solves this problem.


The rational simplicity of Deism helps us to cut through the ungodly nonsense the “revealed” religions that poison the minds of literally billions of people. The more people we reach with Deism, the more we will move the world away from religion induced insanity and its negative consequences. This literally saves the lives of people, from innocent children whose religious parents prefer the man-made superstition of faith healing over reason-based science and medicine, to people who believe the man-made calls for religious violence in the “holy” books are God’s will. Deism, by promoting our innate God-given reason, is promoting sanity, progress and happiness.

Defending God From the "Holy" Books #46 Religions Attack Our Sanity

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