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This Deism eBooklet makes clear the importance of kindness. New studies are showing that just as people have innate reason, we also have innate kindness. This is good since kindness is an essential element of happiness. Whenever we are kind to another person we feel happy, and whenever another person shows kindness to us we feel happy. We seem to be designed to be kind and happy.


It is this innate kindness we’re born with that probably serves as a natural restraint against committing violence. Religions and governments find this to be a problem. This Deism eBooklet covers how the US military realized that soldiers and Marines have a natural resistance to shooting and killing people. In order to overcome this obstacle the military developed the science of killology which allows them to train soldiers and Marines in a way that deadens their natural aversion to killing people. I relate a personal experience I had when I was in US Marine Corps boot camp which shows how successful the government has been in their science of killology.


This Deism eBooklet also covers how religions overcome the God-given innate kindness in people so they can use the faithful to support and/or commit acts of religious violence. It’s amazing that the various “revealed” religions all claim to love God and to be doing God’s work while they work tirelessly to destroy our innate God-given gifts of reason and kindness.


A quote from Thomas Paine which profoundly promotes our innate kindness is used to close this Deism eBooklet.

Defending God From the "Holy" Books #47 Religions Attack Kindness

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