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We often hear the phrase that children are our future. Unfortunately the politicians and clergy who frequently use this truthful and accurate phrase, don’t really mean it as is evident if their actions are to be taken into account. And in the case of the clergy, their “holy” books have many teachings that are very harmful, and even deadly, to children.


The harm caused to children by the various “revealed” religions is not limited to very real and irreversible physical dangers caused by belief in religious superstitions such as faith healing and demon possessions/exorcisms, but also by the anti-God Christian doctrine of original sin. Teaching children that they are born evil because of the Bible myth of Adam and Eve eating from the forbidden tree of knowledge of good and evil, causes psychological damage to too many children who are brought up to believe the Bible is the Word of God.


This Deism eBooklet addresses the religious attacks on children from Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Mormonism. It also makes clear the profound benefit Deism offers to parents and children by promoting the priceless gift from The Supreme Intelligence/God of our innate reason. We need to both appreciate and use our reason in all aspects of our lives, including the spiritual/religious aspect.

Defending God From the "Holy" Books #49 Religions Attack Children

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