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There are two kinds of hope. One is based on a feeling of expectation that something good will happen in the future, usually in the near future.


The other kind of hope is based on actions, which are a form of the actual manifestation of hope.

Both kinds of hope are very important for the accomplishment of progress. They also complement each other. The two together are unstoppable as a force for good.


This Deism eBooklet covers them both, and shows that just as our innate reason and innate conscience are gifts from The Supreme Intelligence/God that we should profoundly appreciate and use in every aspect of our lives, so too is hope. Also included in this Deism eBooklet is the importance the dissident, writer and former first president of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Havel placed on action-based hope.

Deism’s Principles eBooklet #11 Deism and Hope

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