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This Deism eBooklet, Deism’s Unapologetic Use of Reason, builds onDeism Unapologetic Reason Deism eBooklet #4, Deism and Reason, by demonstrating the importance of unapologetically applying our reason to the teachings and claims made by the various man-made “revealed” religions and to Deism. Deism is unique in religious/spiritual philosophies in that it is reason-based, not faith-based. This important distinction provides Deists with a profound peace of mind that the “revealed” religions lack. Deism’s Unapologetic Use of Reason helps Deists to see the importance of openly applying their gift from God of innate reason to everything in their lives, including belief in God and religion.

Deism’s Principles eBooklet #9 Deism’s Unapologetic Use of Reason

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